Welcome to the Paleoweb Museum of Websites!

The submission procedure follows these steps:

  1. Send us an email at apply@paleoweb.org with your Website URL. You will get a response to your request within the next 24 hours.
  2. In case of acceptance, we have to discuss the agreement, based either on a classical sale or an escrow process between you and Paleoweb for the domain and the website. The escrow case is particularly intended for notorious websites. In both case, all the recurring costs will be supported by Paleoweb. In the case of an escrow:
    • you will retain the ownership of both the domain and the website,
    • the agreement between us will be secured in a Digital Escrow (from the escrow company Logitas.com),
    • the domain name will be pushed on the Paleoweb registrar account, but keeping your information in the Whois database,
    • as part of this agreement, you are able to recover your domain at each anniversary date, possibly because you are willing to develop a new website (or any other reason). In this case, the website will be hosted under a subdomain of paleoweb, and you will link it from your new website in order to help visitor to find the old website,
  3. A frozen state of the website will be produced by Paleoweb, and hosted on high quality server (OVH)
  4. A interview of the Website author will enable to produce a dedicated page for the Paleoweb museum.

More details will be sent to each applicant.